15 Top Indian Travel Bloggers to Follow for Travel Planning Tips & Ideas

In an age of wanderers, it’s not uncommon to hear someone profess their love for travel. But how many of your colleagues or friends have made a career out of traveling? Not many? Here’s a list of top Indian travel bloggers whom wanderers follow for travel hacks and ideas. Planning to travel soon? These resourceful travel enthusiasts could have the answers to all of your questions. Regardless of whether you’re a recluse who prefers ecotourism getaways or if you’re a city soul who enjoys soaking up some culture, these bloggers’ write-ups have exciting ideas to explore.

Here’s a list of India’s best travel bloggers in no particular order.

  1. Lakshmi Sharath
  2. Prasad Np
  3. Mridula Dwivedi
  4. Arun Bhat
  5. Shivya Nath
  6. G Nivedith
  7. Neelima Vallangi
  8. Venkat Ganesh
  9. Nisha & Vasu
  10. Sankara
  11. Sudha Ganapathi
  12. Siddhartha Joshi
  13. Brinda and Poorna
  14. Ankita Sinha
  15. Ajay Sood

1. Lakshmi Sharath – The versatile wanderer

Blog – Travel with Lakshmi
Background – Media professional, travel writer and consultant
Travel style – Budget and luxury both, city and wilderness both
Travel destinations – India and International

If you read Lakshmi’s posts such as the ones on Time travel to a world without internet or phones, or Bird watching in Goa on a cruise, you’ll see that she indulges in many nature-focused experiences. But you’ll also find travel hacks such as lists of the cheapest flights between Australia and India, and notes on luxury hotels in Jaipur on her blog. Lakshmi’s involvement in the travel community is deep, as you’ll see in her careful curation of Twitter conversation threads and associations with tourism boards of various countries such as Australia, South Africa, Denmark, Seychelles, Singapore Malaysia, India and more.

2. Prasad Np – The off-roading explorer

Blog – desi Traveler
Background – Corporate executive
Travel style – Family travel and photography, major cities and offbeat places both
Travel destinations – Beaches, mountains and tourist spots in India and abroad

If you’re a history buff who enjoys heritage walks, you’ll find travel routes of historical significance on this desi traveler’s blog. With categories dedicated to Holy Towns and Temples, and many states in India, Prasad covers a wide range of travel destinations and paths of religious importance. You’ll also find stories of his adventurous road trips down winding roads in deep forests where he discovers jungle goddesses, weaver birds and ancient songs carved in stone. If you own a vehicle and are passionate about weekend getaways around your city, Prasad’s blog is one to explore.

3. Mridula Dwivedi – The adventure seeker

Blog – Travel Tales from India and Abroad
Background – PhD from IIT Kanpur
Travel style – Local experiences and adventure
Travel destinations – India and International

Mridula Dwivedi may say she has a love/fear relationship with adventure, but she has willingly conquered her fear repeatedly to bring readers exciting reads about Flyboarding in Thailand, Helmet Diving and Cliff Jumping in the Philippines and more. Apart from tales for adrenaline addicts, Mridula also covers invaluable hacks such as information on how to apply for a Russian Visa from IFS Delhi, Dress Code for Women in Oman, and how to book holidays on your own. She also has the occasional post on must-experience travel activities in different destinations and reviews of specific hotels all over the world.

4. Arun Bhat – The trekking photographer

Blog – Paintedstork
Background – Photographer and travel writer
Travel style – Trekking, bird and wildlife watching, nature walks
Travel destinations – India and International

If there’s one travel blogger who’s spent an extensive amount of time on ice, it’s Arun Bhat. Having trekked in popular destinations in the Himalayas, Leh-Ladakh and less-hyped destinations such as the Chadar Trek in Zanskar, he’s also led photography treks in Iceland, Lahaul and Spiti, and more. His love for photography of birds and wildlife also shines through on his blog, with stunning photographs of the Black Kit, the Rose Ringed Parakeet and the Yak. If you’re a fan of travel storytelling, you’ll find great moments captured beautifully on Arun’s blog.

5. Shivya Nath – The experiential nomad

Blog – The shooting star 
Background – Worked at the Singapore Tourism Board
Travel Style – Traveling without a home
Travel destinations – India and International

Featured on National geographic Travel, TEDx, BBC and more, Shivya Nath quit her corporate job four years ago and turned into a full-time travel blogger. Having sold her home and possessions and travel to countries in Africa, Australia and Europe, Shivya truly embodies the term wanderlust. She has stories about discovering wilderness, sailing seas and experiencing culture in Mauritius, island legends and songs from Seychelles, restaurants in (and around) Adelaide for vegetarians and unforgettable moments in South Australia. If you’re a truly immersive traveler, you’ll enjoy reads on her blog.

6. G Nivedith – The gastronome globetrotter

Blog – Macrotraveller
Background – Founder & CEO at MediaTech
Travel Style – Tourist spots, best eats and adventure activities
Travel destinations – India and International

If you’re looking for great places to eat when traveling, Nivedith has destinations to explore in India and abroad. Witn in-depth reviews of restaurants in various travel destinations and local eateries in bangalore, Chennai and more, Nivedith covers the cuisine indulgence part of your travel planning. Nivedith also reviews the stayback experience in luxury hotels such as grand Mercure, Oasia Novena and Shangri La in top holiday destinations such as Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan. Apart from stays and cuisine, Nivedith also alerts his audience about special events such as Raj Bhavan, Karnataka being opened to Public in August.

7. – The wilderness enthusiast

Blog – Travel with Neelima
Background – Travel writer and photographer
Travel style – solo hiking, adventure sports, remote travel
Travel destinations – India and International

Readers can experiences hikes, beaches and forests as Neelima delves deep into them on her blog. With truly offbeat and “untouched” destinations, Neelima deals often crosses paths with tribals and locals who share fascinating and enriching traditions. Incidentally, Neelima doesn’t only share travel experiences but also shares fun facts about the terrain and geographies in which she’s traveling. If you are interested in seeing rare Aryan villages, want to learn how to prepare to walk on ice at subzero temperatures or need ideas on offbeat places to visit in India, Neelima’s blog is the perfect place for research.

8. Venkat Ganesh – The motorbiking excursionist

Blog – India Backpack Motorbike
Background – Founder, 1 hour bizathons
Travel style – Motorcycle touring
Travel destinations – India and International

If you love motorbiking and travel, you’ll love Venkat Ganesh’s blog. From the best travel routes by road to Goa, 6 month long road-trips across India, to international motorbiking trips in destinations like Vietnam, Venkat has a wide repertoire of motorbiking adventures for enthusiasts. Apart from writing about riding experiences, he also has pieces dedicated to creepy buildings, dreamy beaches and stunning valleys that he visits along the way. If you’re looking for travel inspiration, you may also enjoy the story of how he traded his comfortable corporate job for a life of travel and adventure.

9. Nisha & Vasu – The solo-traveling duo

Blog – Lemonics
Background – Travel writers
Travel style – Walking tours, backpacking, glamping and more
Travel destinations – India and International

A solo-backpacking veteran, Nisha has traveled alone to 20+ countries, being featured on the Hindu, Trip Advisor and other publications. Her partner in crime Vasu is just as accomplished a traveller, having checked off several destinations of his own. On Lemonicks, you can find a diverse collection of experiences from backpacking stories to riding trains to offbeat destinations, visiting Switzerland in the winter and witnessing Olive Ridley Sea Turtles in Mumbai. The blog covers both luxurious experiences at fancy stays and budget travel advice for backpackers.

10. Sankara – The culture aficionado

Blog – Be On The Road
Background – Professional travel blogger, previously marketing and sales executive
Travel style – Cultural and local experiences, budget travel
Travel destinations – India and International

A bit of a linguist, Sankara picks up words of languages spoken in the places to which he travels. His blog posts curate enchanting local and cultural experiences that you could indulge in if you’re the type of person who likes soaking-up local culture. A well-travelled blogger, Sankara’s posts also focus on budget travel and managing finances to get the best vacations at low cost. Sankara occasionally also writes about visa processes, budget honeymoon destinations, motorcycling destinations and weekend getaways, to assist wanderers in narrowing-down on the best experience based on their preferences.

11. Sudha Ganapathi – The travelling bookworm

Blog – My favorite things (travel, books, Mumbai, music, art & culture)
Background – Founder, The Sunday Book Club, editor and consultant
Travel style – Local rarities, monuments, pop-culture sets, cultural and historical hotspots
Travel destinations – India and International

From stories of The silk paper factory at Konigil to Uzbekistan: The food & markets special, you’ll find rare, less-mainstream destinations and experiences elucidated on Sudha’s charming blog. Her background of being a bookworm and mythology enthusiast weaves its way into her travels as she visits Harry Potter haunts, and 3 forts and a dakhma while “exploring a bygone era”. If you’re seeking adventure with historical or cultural significance, you’ll find plenty of spots to add to your bucket list on Sudha Ganapathi’s blog.

12. Siddhartha Joshi – The wandering history-buff

Blog – Sid the Wanderer 
Background – Designer, Blogger, Photographer and Travel writer
Travel style – Historical monuments, cultural and religious tourism
Travel destinations – India and International

Ever imagined celebrating Eid at the tombs of Tansen and Mohammad Ghaus in Gwalior? Well, you could experience it through Siddhartha Joshi’s words on his blog. Curating history-riddled experiences and life-as-it-is scenes within and outside India, Siddhartha’s blog offers a truckload of information about the places you typically travel to without knowing its significance. If you’re tired of visiting well-worn places that you’ve seen a million times on social feeds, explore some of Sid’s temple suggestions such as Alandi by the Indrayani river or Jyotirlinga at Bhimashankar. They’re a feast to the eyes and fresh spots for avid travelers to visit.

13. Brinda and Poorna – The wanderlust couple

Blog – Travel Twosome
Background – Brinda’s a banker and Poorna is ex-Indian army, now working at Cisco
Travel style – Road trips, heritage tourism and adventure activities
Travel destinations – India and International

If you’re seeking less known heritage sites around your city, Brinda and Poorna have spellbinding suggestions. Consider Mandu for instance, an ancient fort in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The fort is an underrated visit, less traveled to by out-of-city tourists, but Brind and Poorna’s beautiful photography of its enchanting grounds and surroundings will convince visitors to go out of the way to pay a visit. With categories dedicated to diverse terrain such as mountains, beaches and waterfalls, travel Twosome has travel destination suggestions for any type of vacation you’d want to experience in India.

14. Ankita Sinha – The adventure-seeking fashionista

Blog – Anki On The Move
Background – Travel, adventure and fashion Blogger (vlogger)
Travel style – Camping, craft and cultural tourism
Travel destinations – India and international

Having traveled to 18+ countries, Ankita Sinha has tons of travel advice to present to her readers. If you’re a fan of hiking, camping in the woods or wildlife spotting, Ankita’s blog has stories and experiences for you to enjoy. A relentless adventure-seeker, Ankita’s blog describes travel escapades with activities such as road trips, skydiving, hot air ballooning, paragliding, cliff jumping, scuba diving, skiing, canyoning, ziplining, zorbing, wildlife safaris, bubble soccer, shooting, surfing, sae planes and segways and more. If you’re one for adventure, Ankita’s blog is one for you.

15. Ajay Sood – The camera-wielding wanderer

Blog – Travelure
Background – Travel photographer
Travel style – Travel photography
Travel destinations – India and International

An exceptionally skilled travel photographer, Ajay Sood’s blog posts are travel stories narrated in photogenic frames. From wildlife photography to culture photography, Ajay’s travels capture diverse delights that travellers typically seek. With destinations such as Europe, Indonesia and local cities in India, Ajay’s blog documents marvels that every sightseer would appreciate seeing when travelling. If you’re a budding travel photographer, there’s a lot that you can learn by following Ajay’s work on his blog and social media.


India’s travel bloggers have been globetrotting and documenting their experiences for years now. This active community of travel experts are creating content vying with international standards, helping aspiring travellers plan their vacations efficiently. This post lists 15 top Indian bloggers to follow for travel planning, itinerary and tips. Do you know someone who belongs on this list? Comment below or write to us.

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